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In this episode we tackle the story of The Fall, found in Genesis Chapters 2 & 3.


Q. What did God say would happen if Adam & Eve ate the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil?

Q. Who tricked Eve into eating the fruit?

Q. Why did Adam & Eve hide from God?

Q. What did Adam & Eve make their clothes out of?

Q. What did God place at the entrance to the garden to protect the Tree of Life?

Q. What did God use to clothe Adam and Eve?

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Each episode has 5 questions about different bible stories and characters. We’ll also test you on some memory verses and throw in some general knowledge from the Old and New Testaments. There’s even a bonus question at the end of each round to see how well the adults know their bible too.

Craig & Deanie are the parents of three amazing kids aged between 5 and 12. This Podcast is for them – but we think it might help you too!

If you know any other families that you think would love to make their next road trip more enjoyable, we’d love you to spread the word 🙂

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